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Adult Dog/Cat Care

Adult Dog Recommended Preventive Care (downloadable document)

Adult Cat Recommended Preventive Care (downloadable document)

At MIVH, we are proactive about preventive care for our adult patients (approximately 1-6 years of age depending on size/breed).  Our doctors and veterinary team will work with you to develop an individualized plan for preventive care to help keep your adult pet healthy and happy.  We are also proud to offer Preventive Healthcare Plans for our adult patients.  They include all of our recommended preventive care for each year, with automated, convenient monthly payments.


Our doctors recommend preventive care physical exams every 6 months throughout your adult pet's life in order to detect any disease or illness in its earliest stages.  In addition to comprehensive physical examinations, our doctors recommend bi-annual heartworm (dogs) and fecal (stool) tests because parasites are so prevalent in our area - and again, early detection is key.  Monthly heartworm and flea prevention is highly recommended.  In our southern, coastal environment, parasites thrive - so we must stay on top of prevention.


Vaccinations are tailored to your pet's needs and lifestyle.  We recognize that there are differences in vaccine quality and in order to only offer the best for our patients, our doctors research vaccinations regularly and choose the safest vaccinations available.  We currently use Pfizer/Zoetis and Merial vaccinations.


In order to really know what is going on inside your pet, our team will also recommend what we call "Wellness Bloodwork".  This panel includes a Blood Chemistry Profile, CBC, Thyroid Level Test, Urinalysis and Heartworm Test.    Our doctors will note your pet's "normals" and compare results from year to year to detect early onset of any problems.  For example, we often detect early stage kidney or thyroid disease and are then able to manage these issues via nutrition, medications or other procedures before they cause further damage to a pet's body.  Pet's then have the chance to live longer, healthier, happier lives!


Our team is also passionate about pet nutrition.  So, when it comes to preventive medicine, we know that the adage "you are what you eat" also rings true for pets.  We love to help our clients select diets that will make a positive difference in their pets' lives.  Science and quality ingredients make all the difference when it comes to pet nutrition.  Our entire team has been extensively trained about pet nutrition and we are happy to help you or answer any questions you may have about your pet's diet.


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