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Digital X-Ray Room

X-rays at MIVH are amazing!  We utilize digital technology in order to provide you with the best x-rays possible for your pet.  Not only does this advanced technology result in better, more diagnostically useful images, but it also improves our efficiency.  No more developing x-ray film!  Digital storage of your pet's images in their medical record is also incredible.  Not only does it save so much physical storage space, it is so convenient that the images are available with just a few keystrokes.  We are able to email them to specialists for review and/or to you so you can keep the images in your pet's file at home.  Digital x-rays are also nice because we no longer have to house and handle the chemicals necessary to process x-ray film.  All in all - Digital X-ray is a win-win-win (Your Pet, You and MIVH)!