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New Preventive Care Plans!

Preventive Care Plans

What are Petly Preventive Care Plans?

Petly Health Care Plans were created by veterinarians specifically for pet owners and their pets. A Petly Plan provides you an opportunity to manage the expenses of your pet's preventive care visits with easy and affordable monthly payment options. 

Why should I want a Petly Preventive Care Plan?
With a set monthly payment and terrific savings, you can be confident your pet is getting the services they need, when they need them, to stay happy and healthy. Plans are comprehensive and include bi-annual physical examinations (4 for puppies and kittens), required vaccines, diagnostics and lab testing important for the prevention of insect and parasite diseases.  Plus, Gold Plan Clients receive a 10% discount on all other products and medications in addition to the services on your Petly Preventivie Care Plan.


How Do I enroll in Petly Plans?

Please click here to see details about the available plans.  Enroll by calling or stopping in to sign up with a member of our front desk team!