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Bringing your Cat to MIVH!

We understand that your cat's anxiety may begin when they hear you call and schedule their veterinary appointment!  Often, cats do not like to get in their carriers, travel, experience the sights, sounds and smells at the veterinary hospital ~ much less the thermometer!  Good news!  We are here to help!  We want to help keep your cat happy and healthy and stress-free.  Our team is involved in extensive, ongoing training to become better cat whisperers!  We work on handling techniques, behavior, reducing stress during the visit and really focus on the unique medical requirments for cats of all ages.  We are currently working on our Cat Friendly Practice certification through the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  We have had Dr. Rachael Abrams, a veterinarian with Boehringer Ingelheim come and teach us about "Catitude" and are focusing several of our monthly MIVH STAR Team Trainings this on all areas where we can make modifications and improve each and every cat's experience here at MIVH.  Our goal is to have completed our hospital certification this year!   Our hospital already meets the medical and hospital requirements for certification, but the program will help us focus more on issues really affecting the cat population, such as nutrition, obesity, issues specific to senior cats and behavioral problems.  Our team is also focusing on reducing your cat's anxiety during their visit.  We offer Feliway spray on towels to cover your carrier upon arrival, which helps to decrease stimulation from the sights, sounds and smells in the reception area.  We work to get your kitty in an exam room as quickly as possible, where we have sound machines to decrease other noises, Feliway diffusers for calming, warm towels sprayed with Feliway for comfort, toys for fun, a brush (if your kitty likes to be brushed) and brochures with information for you to help make your cat's visit the best it can be!