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Pain Prevention

Pain Recognition, Treatment and Prevention:

Our veterinary team is highly trained in the areas of pain recognition, pain treatment and pain prevention. We often use a multi-modal approach to prevent our patients, your pets, from experiencing pain or to relieve pain in those pets that suffer from painful conditions. If your pet does suffer from a painful condition, we have many options to help them, including: Medications, Nutrition, Supplements, Mobility Exercises and K Laser Therapy. If you have a pet that suffers from osteoarthritis, or own a breed that is prone to osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia, Hill's J/D diet works wonders! K Laser Therapy has proven to be extremely helpful in relieving pain and promoting healing for a wide-range of conditions. This therapeutic laser is a highly effective, non-invasive and economical option for pain relief. Dr. Jessica Cantrell is certified to perform Stem Cell Therapy to treat Osteoarthrits and other chronic conditions. Our patients have greatly benefited from this procedure! Our team of doctors have met with an anesthesologist and pain management specialist from Zoetis (formerly Pfizer). The Zoetis specialist and team members presented the latest research on different anesthetics and pain relievers - and we found that we were already utilizing most of them to keep our patients as comfortable as possible before, during and after surgical procedures! You will find that we are proactive in preventing and treating pain in our patients. We utilize the best anesthetics, injectable pain relievers and medications available to ensure that your pet feels as good as possible at all times. We also perform a therapeutic laser session on every eligible surgical patient to help with healing and pain relief.  As a team, pain prevention and pain relief is one of our highest priorities. Our team focuses on further education regarding pain relief. In addition to the specialist from Zoetis, we also had representatives from Boehringer Ingleheim and Hill's come in to do seminars for our team. We have also done an in-house STAR Team Training meeting focusing on Pain Recognition, Pain Relief and Pain Prevention.