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Senior Cat Care Packages

Senior pets require special care ~ And they get it at MIVH!


We are fully-equipped to provide the specialized level of care that your senior pet requires. Our doctors work to keep healthy pets happy and diagnose and treat senior pet illnesses every day. As advocates for your pet, our entire healthcare team is trained to help you care for your pet as he/she ages. We are experts in helping your pet and helping you adjust to your senior pet's needs including: preventive care, disease/illness diagnoses and treatment, nutritional counseling, oral health evaluation and treatment, behavioral and environmental counseling and mobility evaluations, assistance and treatment.


Physical Examinations are the cornerstone to helping your pet remain healthy, happy and as comfortable as possible during their senior years. We recommend bi-annual examinations for healthy pets and create a specialized examination schedule for pets that are living with chronic disease.


We have created a Senior Preventive Healthcare Packages (with convenient monthly payments) to help keep your pet healthy. We believe in regular preventive care such as vaccinations, heartworm and fecal testing, and parasite control. We also strongly recommend being proactive and testing for diseases and problems that may decrease your pet's quality of life or even shorten their life if undetected. There are many tests and procedures that we can do in order to provide that early detection. Our Senior Preventive Health Care Package is the starting point to help ensure that your pet's golden years are the best they can be! From the results of your pet's physical examination and the results of the tests, your pet's doctor will provide a comprehensive treatment plan designed especially for your senior pet based on their needs.


For package details, please click on the downloadable form:

Feline Senior Care Package (downloadable document)