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Spays and Neuters

Our veterinary team believes that if you are not planning to breed your pet in order to better the bloodlines of your pet's particular breed, it is best to spay or neuter them.  Spaying/Neutering not only keeps your pet healthier, but also helps to cut down on the millions of homeless pets that end up in shelters and rescues across our nation.  Please download the forms below for specific information about the spaying and neutering process at MIVH.  We perform our surgeries with your pets comfort and safety foremost in our mind.  At MIVH, you will never hear, "No big deal, it's just a spay / neuter."  Every surgery, no matter how routine it is perceived to be by society, is taken seriously by our entire team.  We understand that no surgery is "just a.... anything." Every one of our patients is somebody's baby and we treat them as such, taking every precaution and safety measure seriously.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  A member of our professinal veterinary team will be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about these surgeries.


What is a Spay?  What is a Neuter? (downloadable document)

MIVH Spay and Neuter Surgical Information (downloadable document)

Surgical Care Packages - What Are They? (downloadable document)

Pre-Anesthetic Profile, CBC and ECG Screening (downloadable document)

Surgery - Why We Do What We Do! (downloadable document)