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We are the Best Vets for Your Pets!

  • We are a team of dedicated veterinary professionals. 
  • We are proud to offer veterinary care that places us in the top 2% in the country in terms of the range of services we provide. 
  • We focus equally on keeping pets healthy with our strong belief in preventive care and we work diligently to diagnose and treat pets should they become ill or injured - all within a caring environment that nurtures pets. We use Feliway and Adaptil anxiety reducing products to help your pets have a better visit with us!                                         
  • Clients repeatedly tell our team that there is nowhere else they would bring their pets because they know how they will be well-cared for, loved and in the best hands possible! 
  • We are proactive about preventive care.  We provide Preventive Care Plans for all life-stages to ensure that dogs and cats receive a lifetime of care in order to stay healthy and happy!
  • Should your pet develop an illness, disease, injury or experience an emergency, our team is highly trained and ready to help your pet.  Our team maintains the highest standards in order to offer you the best treatment options and medications available for your pet. 
  • We welcome the opportunity to meet new patients and clients and look forward to seeing our beloved "regulars" throughout the year.  Our team is here to help keep your pets healthy and happy!
  • Please visit our video page on the Georgetown County Website.
  • Please download our App ~ Search MIVH or Murrells Inlet Vet.  Its free and very convenient!  It includes our Loyalty Program!  Collect Paw Print Stamps and Earn $100 credit on your account!