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Dental Cleanings / Surgery

Dental care for pets is essential for their health.  It is estimated that 80% of pets over the age of 3 suffer from dental disease and should receive professinal dental care, a dental prophalxis.

What is a professional dental prophylaxis?

Under general anesthesia, your pet's doctor and surgical technician will:

1. Complete a thorough oral examination (assessing fractured/broken/missing teeth; probing teeth/gums, finding pockets; looking for growths/tumors and ulcerations)
2. Grade the dental disease (Grades 1-4; 1 is mild; 4 is severe)
3. Chart the mouth: probe each tooth, note any missing or broken teeth
4. Scale the teeth: Ultrasonic scaler allows some cleaning below the gum line as well as the parts of the teeth that are visible
5. Perform any extractions that may be necessary
6. Polish the teeth: Polishes out the grooves that are caused by the scaling ? leaving a smooth surface so plaque cannot attach as easily
7. A fluoride treatment is applied