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Wag Watchers - Weight Mgmt

It is estimated that over 50% of our nation's pets are overweight or obese.  This is a major issue that most importantly, decreases a pet's lifespan.  We all want our pet's to live happy and healthy lives, for as long as possible!  Keeping your pet at a healthy weight will help you reach this goal.  For pet's that need to lose weight (which is probably at least half of our patients!) we have an incredible new tool.  It is a food that is designed to change a pet's metabolism so that they lose weight and then maintain that healthy weight.  In real-life feeding trials, owners were not given any specific feeding instructions and over 80% of the patients lost weight.  We measure your pet and along with those measurements, enter your pet's weight, age and breed into a computer program and get specific weight loss and feeding recommendations.  Our patients have experienced great success so far!  One of our technician's dogs lost 6lbs in about 5 weeks.  We are very hopeful for the possibilities that this pet food, Hill's Metabolic Diet, offers our patients.  Please feel free to come in and have your pet measured to see where they stand and what weight loss would be recommended in order to keep them as healthy as possible.  There is no charge to have your pet measured and receive a feeding evaluation and recommendation by one of our veterinary technicians!

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