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Dr Sherri Duncan Owner Veterinarian

Dr. Sherri Duncan

Dr. Sherri Duncan began serving the pets in our community at Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital in September of 1988, just three months after graduating from Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.  She and her husband renovated what was an autobody garage into a professional, modern veterinary hospital.  Dr. Sherri has set the standard for veterinary medicine in our area.  Her level of committment and willilngness to go above-and-beyond for her patients is amazing. She has always believed in team-training and invests a lot of time and energy in ensuring that her team is top-knotch!  Dr. Sherri has been a spokesperson / trainer for many different company's products and services, including laser surgery, heartworm preventatives and team training.  She has also served on the South Carolina Association of Veterinarians Board (2006-2010).

Dr. Sherri

Michigan State University B.S., D.V.M.


Dr Bruce Crull Veterinarian Surgery Dermatology

Dr. E. Bruce Crull

Dr. Bruce Crull graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and started his career at Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital in June of 1997.  Dr. Bruce takes care of his patients as if they were his own.  Not only does he practice excellent veterinary medicine; his level of care and dedication is amazing. Dr. Bruce has started the Feline Hyperthyroid Clinic at MIVH to help cats with hyperthyroidism receive the best treatment available.

Dr. Bruce

Auburn University, B.S., D.V.M.


Dr Chip Jackson Veterinarian Dentistry Surgery SC

Dr. Chip Jackson

Dr. Chip Jackson started at MIVH in 2010.  He graduated from Tuskegee in 2002 and practiced in Columbia, SC for two years and then bought his own clinic in Ridgeland, SC.  Dr. Chip's clients love his easy-going personality and his excellent veterinary skills.  Dr. Chip loves dentistry and works hard to ensure that all of his patients have healthy mouths, which helps them live longer lives!  He is also an advocate of laser therapy, which helps decrease healing time and provides pain relief for pets.  Dr. Chip is currently studying to receive his certification in Physical Rehabilitation for pets!

Dr. Chip

Clemson University, B.S.

Tuskegee University D.V.M.


Dr Suzanne Vuillemenot Veterinarian dogs cats

Dr. Suzanne Vuillemenot

Dr. Suzanne Vuillemenot started at MIVH in January of 2005.  She worked for a year previous to that at an Emergency Hospital in New York.  She has received specialized training in Acupuncture and is able to provide relief for pets for many different problems through acupuncture.  She is also studying Physical Rehabilitation for dogs and cats.  Come in to see Dr. Suzanne ~ she will take terrific care of your pets!


Dr. Suzanne

Clark University, B.A.

St. George University, D.V.M.

veterinarian valerie alexander animal hospital dog

Dr. Valerie Alexander

Dr. Valerie Alexander, a graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, joined our team in March of 2014.  Prior to her love of the ocean bringing her to the coast, Dr. Valerie practiced in Rock Hill for 27 years.  She is a member of the AVMA and has served as Chairman of the South Carolina Board of Veterinary Examiners.  Dr. Valerie's professional interests include pediatric and internal medicine, dentistry, and she is certified in the practice of Fear Free Veterinary Medicine.  When not practicing veterinary medicine, she enjoys traveling and playing golf with her husband, Bill.  She and her therapy-trained, Golden Retriever, Rosie work at obedience training and participate in a children's reading program.  She also enjoys hanging out with Nicklaus, the coolest orange tabby ever! 

Dr. Valerie

University of Georgia Undergrad and D.V.M.

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Our STAR Front Desk Team!

Our Front Desk Team is in charge of so many tasks at MIVH it is impossible to describe them all.  They run the schedule, they provide invaluable client education, they maintain all of our patients' medical records, they sweep, they mop, they know all about every product we dispense...  And they do it all happily and with smiles on their faces!  We couldn't be more proud of our Front Desk Team.  As you can see, with only 3 exceptions, they have all worked here over 10 years!  They take care of and love our patients and our clients.  The amount of multi-tasking they do each day amazes us all!  We couldn't do what we do without them - so give them a smile and a pat on the back when you see them!

Our Team of STARS!

Front Desk Team: April, Asst. Mgr / 1998; Lori / 1998; Patty / 2005; Christal / 2005; Jennette / 2006; Colleen / 2013; Erin / 2014; Kris 2018; Ashlee / 2019; Ashlea / 2021 Sue / 2005

Phone Receptionists: Michele / 2017

veterinary hospital pet spay neuter dental dog cat

Our MIVH STAR Team of Technicians!

Our Technicians do amazing work!  They are trained to help pets in so many ways.  From puppy and kitten care and training, adult care and senior care; preventive care and caring for pets when they are sick or injured, this team does it all.  They are all trained for outpatient services and client education, surgical assisting, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, intensive care nursing, drawing blood samples, preparing samples for the laboratory, dermatology, chemotherapy, therapeutic laser therapy... The list is endless.  They also keep the hospital neat, clean and properly stocked.  They celebrate the lives of pets through their work every day.  We have clients tell us all the time that they wish they would have had one of our technicians to help them when they went to the hospital!   We couldn't operate this hospital without our terrific team!

Our Team of STARS!

Technician Team:  Betty 1991; Holly, Asst. Mgr./1998; Jaylene 2001; Kara / 2003; Pam;  Helen / 2005; Jennifer / 2010; Dayna; Raven / 2015; Tara / 2018; Cori / 2018; Robin / 2019; Ellen / 2019; Linsey / 2019; Ashlee / 2019


veterinary medicine dog cat hospital pet care

Our MIVH STAR Team:Asst & Pharmacy Techs!

Our team of assistants and pharmacy technicians work hard to keep the rest of us moving in the right direction!  Our assistant technicians provide excellent patient care and are the primary care-givers for our boarding patients.  They are amazing.  They know their patients so well.  Ann is our surgical assistant and works tirelessly to ensure that our surgeons and surgery technicians have everything they need for every surgical procedure. She is knowlegable about surgery and assists the technicians in preparing each patient for their surgical procedures.  Our team of assistants also keep our hospital neat and clean and properly stocked so that we can deliver efficient patient care.  Our Assistant Technicians care for our boarding patients and know them so well!  They provide outstanding care!  Our pharmacy technicians are specifically trained properly dispense medications for our patients.  They know the medications and proper dosing of those medications.  They also help the doctors to monitor our patients that are on medications for chronic medications and require regular blood work and diagnostics.  Again, we couldn't do what we do without these fantastic team members!

Our Team of STARS!

Assistant Technicians: Kim / 1998; Ann 2016; Julia 2018; Mara 2020

Pharmacy Technicians:  Leigh 2019 and Michelle / 2008-2013

Hospital Cats Felines

Phelps, Lukie, Troy, BB & Jenny!

Ok, so now you know... The hospital cats really run this hospital.  They keep us all on track and keep us motivated!  

We currently have three hospital kitties.  In addition to keeping us running smoothly, their primary responsibilities are to be sweet and cute!  Occasionally, they do need to earn their keep and donate blood for any feline patients that may need a transfusion.  

Troy came to us  after his mom passed away.  Dr. Sherri had planned to take him home, but her 17 cats protested his arrival and so he joined our herd here!  Troy was born in 2004 and had diabetes.  After years on insulin, with a controlled diet, he is in remission and no longer requires insulin injections.  

Charlie and Ezra...  What can we say about these babies?  They are wonderful!    They were abandoned here as small kittens and they captured our hearts.  Neither Dr. Chip nor Dr. Bruce use their real first names, so we gave them to these boys!  Dr. Bruce's first name is actually Ezra and Dr. Chip's is Charlie. 

The kittens are total love bugs and demand our time and affection!  Please take a moment to meet and visit with our kitties when you come in! 

We know the cats rule, but they do let our hospital manager, Jennifer Hoffman, help out some...  Jennifer started at MIVH in 1990.  She worked with Dr. Sherri for almost 2 years, then went to graduate school in Virginia.  She returned in 1996 and has had the pleasure of working with our wonderful MIVH Team and our fantastic patients and clients for over 20 years.

Who else works at MIVH?

Hospital Cats:  Phelps, Lukie, Troy and BB! (Mister 1998-2015; Nancy 2004-2016)

Jennifer Hoffman, Hospital Manager 1990