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Our doctors utilize our ultrasound machine everyday. They not only use it to diagnose illness and disease, but also use it in practicing preventive medicine. They perform both abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds. Our doctors perform physical exams, during which they can often detect abnormalities by feel or by listening to your pet's heart. They also recommend periodic bloodwork that will tell them how your pet's organs are functioning, but an ultrasound allows the doctors to get a good image of what your pet's organs look like on the inside!  Ultrasound is used as a tool to help diagnose different diseases or conditions. At MIVH, our doctors perform ultrasounds of the abdomen (liver, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, adrenal glands, intestines, stomach, etc.) and cardiac ultrasounds (heart). Utilizing this equipment, our doctors have saved countless lives at MIVH!